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Close Circuit Television Surveillance Systems (CCTV). Access Control Systems [Finger Print, Face Recognition]. Intercom Telephone. Web Design.
POS Software for Restaurants and Super Market. ERP Software System. Inventory System.
Human Resource System. Finance System. Logistic Management System.
Supply and Install computer, Network and Cable Installation. Supply HP Printer Toners and Cartridges. Service for Laptop and Printers.
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Travel Agency Software

          Travel Agency Software provides a modern way to the travel agency for their advance booking, trip management and billing. Here we classified the software for Individual customer as well as a company who are regular to the travel agency. For the company they will have their monthly transactions.


Hotel Management Software

Hotel Software is an in-house Windows based application used by businesses to automate their day-to-day operations such as room bookings, reservations, checkin or checkout. Hotel reservation software is developed for suitable works of the following types of accommodation like Hotels, Hotels and Guest houses, University accommodation letting, Cottages, Villas, Cabins, Hostels or Any other room booking which is to be managed on a day-to-day basis.

This Application includes all the features required in a Hotel Management Software such as Hotel Reservation, customer check in, customer checkout and provides integrated report for all customers. Our software is designed to help administrator or operator to track all check in or checkout status with just one mouse click.

Our Hotel management system helps you increase revenue because it saves processing time and help to provide better management for room reservation and booking system. Our Hotel management system can be used to manage daily transactions of a Hotel, which included reservation billing, restaurant billing, check in, checkout and a complete accounting module. Hotel Management software is the modern solution which has whole range of integrated modules to cover every function of Hotel management.

Hotel reservation software is simple and performs most complex calculation in one mouse click so that it is wide accepted worldwide with due to its state-of-art technology and extremely easy to use in nature. Hotel management system is based on graphical user interface so that any non technical person or operator can easily use this software.

College Management Software

{under construction}

Transportation Management System

          Transportation Management System ensures that the goods are transported from the source to destination in the proper way and things are in control without any problems.

          This work is done systematically to overcome the difficulties in the existing one, which is manual, non-centralized and being done in Goods Consignment Note, the note that contains all the details that are required for transformation of goods from various companies to which they have tie-up.

          In order to overcome these problems, an automation tool has to be created which manages the entire manual process and sees to that the company runs high end, user friendly and error free package.


Smart Warehouse Management System

          SWMS begins with the classic Warehouse Management System foundation and expands to deliver flexibility and adaptability to the organization's fingertips. Options are designed to promote Virtual Supply Chains, Vendor- Managed Inventory, Consignee Inventory, Remote Operations and Customer Order Inquiry. Orders can be dispersed to consumers, consignees, branches, points-of-sale or manufacturing plants in a wide range of user-driven options to meet varying business requirements and deadlines.


Hospital Management Software

          "Medicare" - A Hospital Management Software will be a future software which will maintain all hospital record on computers. No matter whether it is prescription of doctor or treatment sheet of patient, medicine, employees all data will be maintained in this software. Fully networked based and will be managed by the latest technology tools. Software will be easy to use and fully graphical interface will be provided to the end user. This software will make your hospital ‘WPP’ that means without paper pen. This software will be made in the following modules.


Payroll Management Software

          Payroll software developed by NT Soft targets specifically the Indian/Foreign firms because it has captured in it all the Payroll processes that a typical HR/Accounts dept. of a small/medium/large sized company follows. Now no need to buy all stationery of the Government forms. The software has incorporated all the forms which the Government of India has made compulsory for the Indian firms to adopt with respect to their employees.

          The person operating the Payroll software need not spend days in the hassles that come bundled with the Payroll process. He can bid farewell to the bulky registers and come out of the gloom that used to surround him during the payroll generation. With all the payroll processes categorized, the PUL Payroll software gives a very simple interface to the end user.

          The payslip is generated after the attendance is marked for that month. ESIC and PF challans are available at the convenience of a mouse click. The payroll software also manages the Company Holidays and the Bank holidays. The software can be configured by the user side to give restricted access to the front desk operator, and complete access to the main HR authorized person.


Automobile Management System

           If you are an automobile spare dealer or have automobile service station, you probably have not found a single software system, which takes care of all your requirements. As such, you have deployed a software to take care of your vehicle spare sales at the showroom and to take care of your special requirements at the service station, which may also be a separate system. And, you have separate software for financial accounting, inventory management etc. Working on separate systems and 'marrying' them to each other is quite a difficult job, as you have perhaps realised.

           You can now install a single software to take care of all your functions - showroom, service station, accounting, inventory, budgeting, MIS etc. With Auto Care. "Auto Care" - A Automobile Spare & Service Station Management Software manages all possible needs of Service Station Spare Shop Owners. It is very simple to use and it automatically takes care of all your business needs.


Retail & Wholesale Trade Management System

          Over the years, you have been running retail business very successfully. The art of retail management is not new to you, it is only the different way we look at it. The following compelling facts will give you the missing dimension perhaps worth giving attention to. The Overall volume of your business has grown exponentially. The items and the suppliers you have been dealing have grown in numbers. Day by day it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage it with the current method of running business.

          All your business partners have joined the technology bandwagon and they have changed their style of business. Even your customers are demanding the speed with which you need to respond and deliver. Tomorrow they will expect you to take orders on web and so on. The use of Computers, Bar Code readers/printers/scanner enabled software will only simplify your business needs and will help you sustain your current leadership status.

          "Shopper's" lets you computerized from day one without delay of keying in Bulky data and moreover you don’t need to use separate software for accounting and inventory purposes, making it a perfect point-of-sale solution. Shopper's is a VAT Enabled Point Of Sale Software. Shopper's is also available with or without Barcode Facility. Shopper's is very popular package in retail & wholesale market. Any trader like electric supplier, readymade garment trader, departmental store, general store, accessories wholesaler & retailer, sanitary trader etc.


School Management Software

          "SMS" - is complete School Management software for all type of educational institutes. The Software is designed and developed keeping in view the requirement and comfort of School Management body as well as operators and users of this software. The software is well equipped with security and data validating features.

          The power of this software lies in its easy to use approach and user friendly atmosphere. This software makes your working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management.


Supply Chain Management System

          "Distributor Care" - A Supply Chain Management Software manages all possible needs of Distribution Agencies Owners. Distributor Care is a Inventory & Accounting Software for FMCG Agencies. With Distributor Care you can manage all day to day problems of Agencies. It is very simple to use and it automatically takes care of all your business needs.


Hotel Management Software

{under construction}

Supermarket Management System

          Supermarket Management Software can be used by mini marts, resellers, and big shopping malls. It’s mainly focused on the Billing for the Mini mart and Barcode Reader device mapped into this product. Here whatever the items added in the item Master entry should be detected by the barcode reader for the billing. This Software has ledger and store manipulations also.