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AST Security System & Software Solutions based in Kuwait. The company has a steady growth from being a customer related products company to the present state of being a multi-devisional company with value added capabilities. It changed from being a mere trader to an introducer of innovative products and state-of-the-art technologies into the Kuwaiti market.

Over the year in India, it has provided high quality products & services,earned an excellent reputation and emerged as a renowned company in Kuwait. It is customer oriented and has always strived to provide the best products & services to its customers. This is evident from the fact that many of its customers have come back requesting solution that do not necessarily fall under its expertise. AST always willingly provided its clients with excellent professional + consultations and helped them in finding appropriate solution that best suit their requirements.


  • Multi-divisional company
  • Dedicated team of qualified, internationally & experienced employees
  • More than 12 years of experiance in India & Kuwait.
  • Highy reputation for system integratiosn and after-sales support.
  • Partnerships and agreements with top international security manufacturers.
  • Client base including several Governament, Semi-Government, Oil sector and Corporate entities.


AST has established itself as the prime source of Supplier and System Integrator of wide range of advanced technology oriented Close circuit surveillance systems and Software solutions. With human resource and technical advantage it also undertakes Electronic Security Turnkey projects.

AST was organized to create a SAFE WORLD by offering world class state of art security solutions with advanced technology products and cost-effective solutions and also we provide software and hardware for IT. was also established to be responsive to the emerging new technologies in the Electronic security industry by constantly monitoring new security products and services fined to the needs of the customers, establish new product lines for value added services of the service providers.

We aim to increase our customers' productivity by developing and implementing powerful Solutions, which utilize effective and user- friendly computer solutions which Include Security Systems, Application software, Networking and Hardware. We are focused to continue Developing and marking a wide sage of powerful. yet affordable, IT solutions for businesses and consumers in the national and international markets.


Qualify is the key of customer satisfaction. No single of our business is as important to our reputation and our prosperity, “DO THE BEST THE FIRST TIME “ has u been our slogan and our principle for years. The work force has delivered the thought-applied. Quality Is a way of life and offering solutions the quality wag is our statement of policy


Our Project Management philosophy Involves application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities In order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations. Many organizations have experienced failed implementation exercises due to lack of project management ability. Our expertise In project management techniques entails the employment of Total Quality Management concept for every project.

Some of our Prestigious Security and Software Systems Installations and References are:
  • Al Osool Car rental
  • Falha Co-operative Society.
  • Abdally Co-operative Society.
  • Alyab Al Marshoud – (Authenticity, Aroma & Bakhoor)
  • DASCO - butting & Servicing Co.


AST concern has finally come of age in Kuwait, We have emerged as a company with Custom made security systems and software & Hardware solutions. What sets us apart is our ability to not only comply with the most stringent international standard, but also to provide solutions that cater to all spectrum of needs.

The strength of the organization consists of a team of young committed professionals well versed in design and the execution of custom-made security systems. Beyond this an equally competent he Maintenance team provides an ongoing service by constantly updating the systems and providing after sales service and backs the company's commit¬ment to the client. All these elements together form our operating philosophy a commitment to excellence.

This ensures:

  • Total Customer satisfaction for security systems, software and Hardware.
  • Highest quality.
  • Most complete product line.
  • Prompt sales and delivery from stock.
  • Most cost effective solution.
  • 29X7 Round the clock service availability.
    • Whether your needs Involve industrial, commercial or institutional application, you can be rest assured that we have the best and complete resource it takes to provide the right